A Chick Hatches


Hina, Kaeru
Air Date January 26, 2009
Episode 17
Adapted From Chapter 12
Opening Song Ano Hi Time Machine
Ending Song Aishiteru
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A Chick Hatches is the seventeenth episode of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime. It first aired on January 26, 2009. It is the fourth episode for Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, which is the second season of the anime.


Natsume takes care of an abandoned egg from a nest, not considering it could be a Youkai. After it hatches, it turns out it is a rare baby spirit called Tatsumi, who thinks that Natsume is its parent.

Natsume can't help but get attached to the little spirit even as Tatsumi grows tired and sick.

However, as Natsume takes care of Tatsumi, a mysterious spirit comes and wants to take away Tatsumi for his master... who wants to eat him!

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