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Aoi is a human-looking youkai who is childhood friends with the human Kaoru Sonokawa. He first appears in Chapter 68.

He is in love with Kaoru, but was afraid that being around him is causing her to become alienated from her peers, and that it won't be possible to liver their lives together as they grow at different rates.And so he parted ways from her before the beginning of the manga. However, he goes back to find her after finding out that she's getting married, only to find that the wedding invitation was just a ruse she made up in order to see him again.

He currently trains at Kagomedake under Dotaka-sama to be able to protect the forest. He's originally from Kakei-wayama, a distant mountain in the next city.

He's originally a bird-like youkai that hurt his wing and was abandoned by his flock.

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