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Chapter 03


Release Date

5 October 2005




Natsume Yuujinchou 1

Story Arc

Tanuma Introduction

Anime Episode

The Mysterious Person at the Eight Fields

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Chapter 03 is the third chapter in Yuki Midorikawa's Natsume's Book of Friends.


Natsume's class is visited by another student asking where Natsume was while he was asleep at his desk. Nishimura woke him up, telling him that he had a visitor but the visitor left without meeting him.

The day after at the Fujiwara's Natsume is visited by two youkai as Touko left to go shopping. The two youkai Chukyuu (A and B), asked if he could slay a human, who came to their homes, Yatsuhara (Eight Fields), but happens to be exorcising the youkai living there. But Natsume apologizes, as he cannot kill a human because it would only lead to problems. After the youkai left, Natsume wondered about the exorcist believing that he should be able to see youkai.

As Natsume leaves for school in the morning, the two youkai show up again. The two youkai to accompany Natsume to his school and at school they praise him in different ways which annoys Natsume. While looking at the two youkai, Natsume notices a student looking at the same way as him and he felt uneasy. After school the two youkai decided to accompany him again, but Natsume could not take it anymore so he decides to listen to what the problem was.

The two youkai explains that they couldn't get close to the human because he always sends a wave of energy, Natsume wondered if the person has a grudge or if the person was bothered by youkai like him. While he was listening, a bunch of youkai attacked Natsume, believing he was the exorcist. Nyanko-sensei did nothing as Natsume was getting attacked, because they were weak youkai, Natsume angered punches Nyanko-sensei, scaring the other youkai.

At the same instance, Natsume hears something and the youkai are attacked by a purification wave which causes them to run away, but Nyanko-sensei managed to get Natsume and him away from it. Natsume decides that he wanted to help the youkai as the attack was one sided and the youkai thank and praised him.

The next day at school, Natsume notices a guy staring at him and notices that it was the same guy who made him felt uneasy and learns that his name is Tanuma Kaname, the same guy who visited him and that he just moved near where the youkai lived. He thought that if Tanuma was able to see youkai like him and he starts to remember meeting someone as a child who was able to see youkai but learns that the person was a youkai and it apologizes as it only wanted to talk to him. As Natsume wasn't able to talk to Tanuma he hoped to find him the day after, but is intruded by a drunken Nyanko-sensei who brought a frog, Natsume scolds Nyanko-sensei and lets it free.

At school Natsume asks Kitamoto about Tanuma and believes that Tanuma may be the exorcist, after school the youkai are attacked again and Natsume is confronted by Misuzu who wanted his name back, but since he was busy, Misuzu said he would help Natsume as he holds his name and because he saved his servant, the frog that Nyanko-sensei brought the other day. Chukyuu (A and B) tells the problem and Misuzu goes after the exorcist, Natsume understanding the situation that the exorcist may not be able to handle Misuzu tries to go after the exorcist before Misuzu. Natsume knocks down the exorcist and orders Misuzu to stop as he holds his name, but he learns that the exorcist is not Tanuma but actually just a monk. Natsume asks the two youkai what is exactly going on and they explain that the monk was purifying Yatsuhara and because he was powerful they thought that Natsume might have been able to get rid of him. Natsume learns that the monk couldn’t see youkai and that he was purifying Yatsuhara for his son who can sense things which bothered him. The monk actually Tanuma's father

Natsume explains to the monk that the youkai near Yatsuhara aren't bad so he should tone down with the purifying, the monk asks if he was able to see youkai but tells him that he doesn't need to answer that and learns that his son is Tanuma. After that Natsume tells his story about the youkai who he believed was human to Nyanko-sensei and that he understood that youkai and humans are not different as long as they have a heart.

At school, Natsume finds Tanuma staring at the two youkai and asks him he could see them, he answered that he couldn't but he thought he saw two weird shadows, he explained that he was able to sense things or see weird shadows and because of the rumor that Natsume was able to see youkai he wanted to talk to him. Natsume reveals to him that he is indeed able to see them, but it’s a secret. Natsume thinks that despite how troublesome youkai are he doesn't mind helping them.

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