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Chapter 38 is the second chapter of Natsume Yuujinchou 10.


Natsume's attempt to convince Shibata not to see Murasaki anymore was unsucessful, so Natsume goes to talk to Murasaki in the park. Murasaki is actually an old mountain wisteria and does not have much time left, as her tree has fallen over. The youkai had put on a human form initially to find a human to eat, and maintain her strength for a little longer, but she became fond of Shibata through his visits and as they talked.

Murasaki gives Natsume a letter for Shibata, but Shibata is unable to read youkai writing and thinks that Natsume is playing a trick on him. Natsume tells him to keep the letter, finally convincing Shibata, who demands to see Murasaki. Natsume takes him to the tree, where Shibata meets with Murasaki one last time. They walk together and she disappears. Shibata expresses his gratitude to Natsume and tells him not to tell anyone that he cried.

Natsume notes that he wanted friends when he was little because they fill his heart with warmth.

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