Chapter 57

Chapter 57 cover

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5 July 2012




Natsume Yuujinchou 14

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Chapter 57 is the 57th chapter in Natsume Yuujinchou 14, a work by Yuki Midorikawa for the Natsume's Book of Friends series.


Several things happen in this chapter.

Natsume has a nightmare where he turns into Reiko. He ponders the work of exorcists and also wonders about what his grandmother was really like. He comes across a relative of his father's on the street and asks her about Reiko, however all she does is call Reiko strange. Natsume is sad to hear this, and gets embarrassed when he's discovered by Tanuma. The chapter ends with him having a dream about an unknown woman.

At the very end of the chapter, Natsume meets a youkai in a pot who demands back what Reiko stole from it.

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