Gender Male
Hair Colour Grey
Anime Debut Episode 11
Book of Friends
Listed No
Image Gallery
List of Characters

Enkou is one of many Youkai who challenges either Nyanko-sensei or Natsume for the Yuujinchou. He appears in the anime and challenged Nyanko-sensei. His name is not contained in the Yuujinchou.


Enkou seems to be a kappa-zaru (a kappa-zaru literally translates to water-imp monkey). The reason he's not a regular kappa, who usually has a beak and webbed feet along with the shell on the back, is because of his facial feature and limbs which represent more of a monkey than that of a water creature.

Furry with grey hair, along with a shell on his back, Enkou's face is white with red around the eyes. His "hair" is dirty-blonde, with a kappa-dish upon his head to signify that he is some kind of kappa.

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