Female-Form Youkai
Anime | Manga
Female youkai-ich2
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brown
Abilities Human Transformation
Manga Debut Chapter 03
Anime Debut Episode 03
Voice Actor N/A
Book of Friends
Listed No
Image Gallery
List of Characters

A youkai that takes the human female form tried to talk with the young Natsume in The Mysterious Person at the Eight Fields. Her name was never revealed.


In human form, she had black hair and eyes. She was always seen wearing pink blouse and bright pink coloured skirt. She had soft voice whenever she talked with the young Natsume.


She transformed herself into female form because she always wanted to talk to the young Natsume. She did this every time Natsume came to the nearby park.

For a while, Natsume thought she was a real human who could see youkai as well, but when one of his neighbors asked him why he was sitting by himself, he realized she was another youkai. The youkai apologized to him and told him that she just wanted to talk to him.

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