Female Exorcist
Gender Female
Age N/A
Hair Color Black
Abilities Summoning Youkai
Anime Debut Episode 32
Voice Actor Saori Seto
Image Gallery
List of Characters

She attacked weaker youkai to gather their blood. She intended to break a big and strong youkai's seal with all the blood gathered. Voiced by Saori Seto.


She have long black hair which is unkempt all the times, considering all she thinks about is having her revenge. She also always wears a white/grey gown, which get dirty from all the activities.


She used to work for the Matoba family. When trying to catch the Large-Headed Youkai, her youkai servant, Crow Youkai was used as the bait. The youkai was eaten by the larger youkai, as witness by Takashi Natsume and Nyanko-sensei on their way home from the store. The Crow Youkai demise was seen in Episode 24, second season of the Natsume Yuujinchou series.

She wanted to make her revenge especially to Matoba. Since she have much deeper relationship with the Crow Youkai, and knowing that her youkai servant died because of the Matoba clan.

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