Isozuki no Nezumi
Zoku nezumi4
Gender Male
Anime Debut Episode 17
Voice Actor N/A
Book of Friends
Listed No
Image Gallery
List of Characters

The rat ayakashi that tries to capture Tama. His name is not contained in the Yuujinchou.


He wears a monk like attire, with a straw hat. With greyish hair and a walking stick, he seems to travel a lot. His left eye has been destroyed at some point and there is nothing left but a scar on that side of his face, a mark normally hidden by his hair. His right eye is bright gold.


As a Youkai, Nezumi seems like a polite and mannered spirit who does not harm others unless necessary. He gave Natsume a subtle warning instead of forcefully trying to claim Tama.

After he failed to capture Tama and Tama turned into an adult, Nezumi smiled, pleased. It may be he didn't want to bring the chick to his master to be eaten.

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