Gender Female
Abilities Shapeshifting
Manga Debut Chapter 66
Anime Debut Episode 59
Voice Actor Toshiko Sawada
Book of Friends
Listed No
Image Gallery
List of Characters

Ito-san is the guardian youkai of the Mizunagi shrine nearby one of Tanuma's childhood home. She takes on the form of a kind old lady in order to blend in and watch over the local area.

She helped care for a young Tanuma whenever he was sickly and recuperating at his aunt's inn.


Ito's human form is that of an elderly woman with gray hair. Her eyes are often closed, and she's always seen wearing a smile. In her human form, Ito wears a white collared shirt underneath a light pink sweater, with a long brown skirt that reaches below her knees.

When first interacting with Natsume as a youkai, she maintains her human form, though can freely stretch her shape and fly in the air.





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