Gender Neutral
Anime Debut Episode 27
Voice Actor N/A
Book of Friends
Listed No
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List of Characters

An old abandoned tea cup that resided at Natsume's basement. According to Nyanko-sensei, it had lived there for two weeks before Natsume spotted it. It appeared in the Episode 27, The Name of A Monster.


An old pottery cup with big eyes in the middle of it. Sporting two legs but no hands.


A Kagejawan was originally a fine made pottery cup that was thrown away. It absorbed the earth energy and became youkai. They seek to live under old houses because they wanted to be near people. They will start running around if they senses danger coming into the household. 

The night after Nyanko-sensei explained all these to Natsume, Natsume found the Kagejawan already running around in the hallway at midnight.

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