Large Three-Eyed Youkai
Zoku-large 3 eyed thanks
Gender Male
Abilities Purification
Anime Debut Episode 16
Voice Actor Ono Atsushi
Book of Friends
Listed No
Image Gallery
List of Characters

A large youkai with three-eyes that saves Natsume and Natori from Sumie in Episode 16


His followers, the small escort youkai, were carrying his skull to where his body was located. However, along the way, they happened upon a small puddle of water that they were unable to cross. Natsume decides to help the small youkai by putting a plank of wood overthe puddle of water.

Towards the end of the episode, the large youkai appears at the Hot Springs to thank Natsume. Righ when Natsume and Natori failed in capturing the evil Sumie, the youkai appeared and offers to purify Sumie.

Later on, Nyanko Sensei is impressed that Natsume knew such a big and powerful youkai.

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