Long Haired One-Eyed Youkai
Youkai 9
Gender Female
Hair Colour White
Voice Actor Yoko Soumi
Book of Friends
Listed No
Image Gallery
List of Characters

The youkai with big white mask knew Natsume before he moved to live with the Fujiwara's. Appeared in Episode 38, A Place to go Home to.


This youkai have long straight white hair and one big eye.


She saved Natsume when Natsume was being chased by the Three Eyed Youkai. She told Natsume to hide by climbing up a tree. The three eyed youkai was bad with spotting things higher up.

During their second meeting, she asked for Natsume's name. She criticized Natsume for easily giving his name to youkai. She also told Natsume that she liked to watch lonely people as they were easy prey to be eaten.

She was then tricked by Natsume and fell into the sealing well. Natsume easily sealed her away but somehow the seal was broken when someone dug out the well.

The youkai kept haunting Natsume, threatening to eat the people he cared about. Grew tired of her disturbing, Nyanko-sensei banished her with his lightning light.

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