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Reiko Natsume
Zoku reiko
Kana/Kanji 夏目レイコ
Gender Female
Hair Color Dusty-Blond
Eye Color Amber
Weapons Book of Friends, Baseball Bat
Manga Debut Chapter 01
Anime Debut Episode 01
Voice Actor Sanae Kobayashi
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Reiko Natsume is Natsume Takashi's grandmother and the person whom Natsume inherited his strong spiritual power from.


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Reiko physically resembled her grandson with long, dusty-blonde hair, amber eyes, and she usually carried a slight smile, just like Takashi. It is because of their similar appearances that youkai often mistake Takashi for Reiko. She has been noted to be quite beautiful by both youkai and humans. [1][2][3][4][5] Her hair goes to her bust-level, and it seems to be usually unkempt.

In the anime and manga, she is usually only seen in flashbacks wearing her school uniform, sometimes obviously torn. She also had a bruise on her cheek at least once because some human children have thrown rocks at her.

Natsume Reiko 1

Reiko had a bruise on her cheek


Reiko despised both humans and youkai.[6] She was a bully towards both humans and ayakashi, resulting in her being socially isolated. She defeated many Youkai and made them write out their names in the Yuujinchou (literally Book of Friends), making them "servants" to her.

Although it was thought of as a search for control over the youkai, it was done more out of loneliness and longing for companionship. She died young, with no human willing to remember her and many youkai mistaking her grandson as her.

Reiko had bad table manners, in one case her table manners resulted Tsuyukami's and Susugi's pages stuck to each other in the Book of Friends.[7] She was also very forgetful, seen throughout the series, as she would forget to meet up with youkai who were anticipating her return.

The youkai she "enslaved" or made plans with either grew to despise her or thoughtfully waited for her (like Santou).


Zoku reiko2

Reiko at the pathway

Reiko had strong spiritual power, enabling her to see youkai. Due to this ability, she was shunned by humans. She found partial comfort amongst youkai. She would take out her frustration on the youkai by bullying, teasing, and challenging them to matches.

From then on until her death, she would be with youkai more often than humans. Anytime she encountered a youkai, she would challenge them to a fight and have them write their name down if they lost.

She had a good relationship with some yokai, but others were forgotten. She would either forget about the youkai whose names were in the Book of Friends, or events she had made plans for.

This led in to her grandson tying up all the loose ends she left for him. She was well known for making the Book of Friends, the book that any powerful youkai wanted for themselves.

Zoku reiko4

She got Hinoe's hairclip back from the crows

Her relationship with Madara is not yet revealed, only to be hinted as intimate. Madara can imitate Reiko, not only her physical form, but also her habits and manners. He himself states that other than Natsume Takashi, she is the only person Madara has "taken a good look upon", which indicates that they were at least as close as Nyanko-sensei and Natsume Takashi.

In Chapter 57, it was revealed that she was never married, and had a child (Takashi's mother) without marrying. The father of her child has not yet been revealed.

The details on her death is not known, and has not been mentioned yet in the series. However, Takashi said in his conversation with Nanase that Reiko died under a tree somewhere.

Powers & Abilities

Reiko had unusually strong spiritual power, which her grandson Takashi inherited. Her strong spiritual powers allowed her to see youkai.

Her great power enables her to easily beat even the strongest youkais in matches, later forcing them to write their names in the Yuujinchou. By writing their names, the youkai are bound to the Yuujinchou. The Yuujinchou contains the names of both weak and powerful youkais, making it a common target for power-seeking youkai.They would have to obey their master's (the holder of the Yuujinchou) every word and could even be killed easily using the Yuujinchou. It has been mentioned by Natori Shuuichi in Chapter 62 that making a contract using the youkai's real name, (like in the Yuujinchou) is forbidden. Therefore, the Yuujinchou is actually deemed forbidden. Little is known whether or not Reiko was aware of this fact.

Reiko is also often shown to be very knowledgeable of sealing and exorcism techniques, which she probably extracted from the youkais she had beaten.

Reiko is always seen carrying a baseball bat, plastered with talismans, to defend herself against youkai.


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