Kana/Kanji 笹後
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brown
Anime Debut Episode 09
Voice Actor Chieko Honda
Book of Friends
Listed No
Image Gallery
List of Characters

She served as shiki servant to Natori Shuuichi, alongside with Hiiragi and Urihime. Little was known about her but she was very loyal to Natori.

Also, she seems to have superiority over Hiiragi as she could order Hiiragi as seen in Episode 48, to accompany and protect Natori. She only appeared in episodes with Natori in it.


She has ram-like horns on her head. She has brownish hair and her eyes are covered by bandages. She also wears red lipstick.


Even though Natori once mentioned to Natsume that youkai were good for nothing for humans, she still remained to be seen serving Natori loyally. Same with other Natori's shiki, she also easily got offended if someone insulting her master.

She seems to be on the bad side with Nyanko-sensei, considering Nyanko-sensei insulting Natori when they first met.

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