Satoru Nishimura
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Manga Debut Chapter 01
Anime Debut Episode 01
Voice Actor Ryohei Kimura
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Another classmate of Natsume. He is best friends with Kitamoto and Natsume. Nishimura is a funny and easy-going person with a slightly perverted sense of humour. Both he and Kitamoto went all out to be friends with Natsume, who wasn't willing at first, but then eventually they become quite close.


He has brown hair and eyes, and seems to be slightly shorter than Natsume and Kitamoto.


He and Kitamoto befriended Natsume even when Natsume seemed reserved initially. Although he and Kitamoto noted that Natsume sometimes acted oddly, [1] they do their best to accept and support him as the series progresses.

They also taught Natsume how to ride a bicycle when they found out that Natsume did not know how.[2] Together with Kitamoto, the three of them often plan activities to do during their free time. 

It is also revealed that Nishimura have a crush on Taki, where he grabbed both Kitamoto and Natsume to accompany him to Taki's class.[3] Although Taki is never shown to have the same the feelings for him, Nishimura still persists at every opportunity, and often asks for Natsume's help to bring Taki along). [4]


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