Anime | Manga
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Manga Debut Chapter 04
Anime Debut Episode 06
Voice Actor Akimitsu Takase
Book of Friends
Listed Yes
Image Gallery
List of Characters

A youkai that, under the pretext of taking Natsume to Futaba festival, intended to eat him. However, after seeing Natsume's determination to help Tsubame get the transformation robe, he decided to help out Natsume instead.


Normally he is of human size and seen wearing a black robe. His true form is a gigantic wolf like youkai, much resembling Madara's true form, with only darker fur. He might be just as powerful.


Appears to be playful, Tarusaru enjoys festivals and gatherings. He decides to help Natsume out of curiosity. He mentioned to Natsume that he also had friends he cares about living at the Futaba Village, soon to be submerge in water.

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