Tooru Taki
Tumblr inline mkkdr5jT581rxqdvg
Kana/Kanji 多軌透
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday May 15
Height 160cm
Hair Color Dusty Blond
Eye Color Light Brown
Anime Debut Episode 19
Voice Actor Rina Satou
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Tooru Taki (多軌透, Taki Tooru) is Natsume's friend and schoolmate. Taki is one of the few humans that know Natsume can see youkai.

She herself cannot see them, but they are visible to her and other humans if a Youkai steps inside her "Youkai circle."


Taki has short dusty blonde hair and light brown eyes like Natsume, along with a gentle expression. She was very quiet and reserved when she first appeared in the series due to a youkai's curse, but later shows her extroverted personality when they seal the youkai.


Taki is generally a happy, extroverted, optimistic girl. She refrained from speaking due to a youkai's curse, not wanting anyone else to be cursed along with her, making her seem introverted and mysterious at first, but was returned to her former personality when the youkai was sealed away.

She is shown to have a peculiar taste in cuteness, as is shown when she hugs Nyanko-sensei, calling him cute.

Like Tanuma, she tries to help Natsume in any way she can, but is usually prevented from doing so because Natsume worries about their involvement with youkai.


Youkai Circle clipped rev 1

Taki's Youkai circle in episode 6, season 2.

Youkai Circles

Even though Taki herself has too little spirit energy to see youkai, she does have the knowledge of drawing youkai circles, discovered by her grandfather.

The circle, once drawn, gives any human the ability to see youkai who step within the radius of the circle. The circle does not require any spirit energy to create and activate, so anyone could possible draw it if they know how to. But due to it being complicated in looks, Taki is presumably the only one able to draw it without the need of a guide.

Other Spells

Taki's grandfather created or attempted many other "spells" related to Youkai, but was unsuccessful in seeing one. In the present, some still remains, such as the seals on dangerous Youkai, (Kakura), around Taki's house, and the circle mentioned above. Taki does not know much of them, but knows the purpose of some of them.



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