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Touko Fujiwara
Kana/Kanji 藤原 塔子
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Manga Debut Chapter 01
Anime Debut Episode 01
Voice Actor Miki Itou
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Touko Fujiwara (藤原 塔子, Fujiwara Touko) and her husband, Shigeru are distant relatives of Natsume who have adopted him and now raise him in their home in the countryside.

Natsume keeps his ability to see youkai a secret from the Fujiwaras, fearing that this knowledge would get them involved in the world of youkai and bring them harm.

Touko and Shigeru are aware that there are many things that Natsume is not yet comfortable sharing with them, but choose not to pry into his business. They assure Natsume that they consider him as part of their family, and want to make their home a place where he feels that he belongs.


Touko is a middle-aged woman with dark brown hair and eyes. She ties her hair back in a bun. She is always seen in a pink, long-sleeved apron with a collared shirt underneath.


She is a kind and caring person, without even knowing much about Natsume she was shown to care about him.


Unable to bear children, the Fujuwara family had always consisted just of Touko and Shigeru.

Young Fujiwaras

When she first met Natsume, she explained that she was his father's distant relative and that he could have lived with her if he wanted.[1]

When she visited him with Shigeru at the hospital after Natsume incident with a smaller youkai at his other relative house (the details of this unknown to any of the adults), Natsume, overjoyed, accepted their proposal.


  1. Natsume Yuujinchou San Anime: Episode 38

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